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Feed Supplements

Horse feed supplements are available as powders, liquids, pastes and pellets, fed to horses to keep them healthy and happy, guarding against dietary deficiencies, improving performance or to help them overcome an illness or injury.
We stock a large range of tried and tested supplements from leading manufacturers such as NAF, Leovet, Net Tex, Hilton Herbs and numerous others. We have carefully selected the supplements and brands we have on offer to ensure that we cater for all types of horses, needs and budgets.
There is no doubt that supplementation is of benefit for most horses, particularly those which for some reason can't have the optimal amount of hard feed, or if the forage available lacks certain minerals.
Supplements are also vital for horses suffering stress after illness or injury, and those competing frequently.
Although horse feed supplements are not medications, it is wise to get guidance from your vet or a horse nutritionist to determine if supplements could benefit your horse.
Electrolytes, for example, are a commonly used supplement for horses that work strenuously and sweat a lot. Calcium is necessary especially for young horses to facilitate bone growth. Mineral supplements include copper, manganese and zinc to encourage cartilage and tissue development and improve the immune system, while magnesium reputedly has a calming effect on a skittish horse.
Other supplements ease the joints in an aging horse, some enhance performance in competition horses, or improve hoof condition.
The uses and benefits of supplements are as many and varied as there are products available.

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  • Aintree

    Aintree Foal Milk (Mare's Milk Replacer) - All Sizes

    £21.73 - £146.82
  • Animal Health Company

    Animal Health Cush Aid Liquid

    £19.96 - £88.76
  • Animal Health Company

    Animal Health Haemoboost Liquid

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  • Animal Health Company

    Animal Health No Wheeze Liquid

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  • Animalife

    Animalife Vetrocalm Healthy

  •  Animalife Vetrofen Intense Sachets
  • Baileys

    Baileys Garlic Supplement

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  • Baileys Tasty Treats 750g bag


    Baileys Tasty Treats

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