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After Exercise Care

Like any top performing athlete, your horse needs a care and attention after a rigorous workout such as cross-country or a day in the show ring, even if he is as fit as a fiddle.
It's essential to cool him down, calm him, groom him, massage his muscles and replace minerals, water and nutrients lost through sweating. He'll also be very hungry after expending so much energy.
We recommend a wide choice of special products to help soothe, calm and cool down your trusty steed. Pamper him and reward his performance with any or all of these delightful preparations, from massage gels to lavender washes and herbal liniments. It's the least you can do for him after he's given his of his best!

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  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Revitalising Wash - All Sizes

    £6.96 - £50.51
  • Carr & Day & Martin

    Carr & Day & Martin Liniment - 500ml

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