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First Aid

"Be prepared" is the well-known Scout's motto, but it ought to apply to horse owners too, especially when it comes to equine first aid.
Even the most carefully kept horse ends up with injuries or illness at some point, and owners will have to come to the rescue with some basic nursing and first aid skills and equipment.
What you put in your first aid kit is up to you, but it is wise to have one on hand even if your horse is currently healthy. You'll probably do well to have some poultices, dressings, wound cream and disinfectant for emergencies, packed in a clean, dry box in the tack room, and a portable version for taking along when travelling.
We've put together a wide selection of first aid remedies and equipment from which you can make your choice to stock your all-important equine first aid kit.

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  • Equine Products Aluminium Spray

    Equine Products

    Equine Products Aluminium Spray

  • VetSet Wound Gel - 100ml
  • VetSet Softec Bandage Padding - Pack of 12


    VetSet Softec Bandage Padding - Pack of 12

    £15.72 - £20.02
  • Vetset Sealing Tape


    Vetset Sealing Tape

  • VetSet Combee V Cotton bandage Padding


    VetSet Combee V Cotton Padding - All Sizes

    £8.80 - £9.14
  • Vetset Combee T cotton bandage padding


    VetSet Combee T Cotton Padding - All Sizes

    £8.80 - £9.14
  • VetSet Antiseptic Blue Spray - 250ml
  • VetSet Aluminium Silver Spray
  • Lincoln Bandage Scissors
  • Lincoln First Aid Travel Bag for Horses
  • Lincoln Equocrem for Skin - 200g
  • Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray