Equestrian Air Jackets

A few years ago leading British eventing rider Oliver Townend credited the wearing of what was then a revolutionary new product - the equestrian air jacket - with saving his life when he suffered a horrific rotational fall that ended with his horse landing on top of his head and chest.
"It (the air jacket) is a massive step forward in the safety of our sport," he told the Daily Mail newspaper at the time.
Since then wearing air jackets has become the norm for regular riders, particularly in rigorous cross country eventing.
Point Two and Hit-Air are the best UK air jacket brands, both styled differently but essentially operating in the same way: the jacket inflates as soon as a rider is unseated, effectively cushioning him/her from impact injury and providing support to protect the torso, spine and neck immediately after a fall.
Both brands offer child/junior sizes, which many parents believe to be essential equipment to keep youngsters safe in the saddle.
Air jackets also come in high-viz yellow, which is becoming increasingly recognised and demanded as a necessary safety feature for riders on country lanes and roads.

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