# Buy Horse Grooming Sponges and Scrapers | Equine Grooming Set #

Sponges, Cloths and Scrapers

The right tools certainly make the job easier, which is why we have selected a wide variety of sponges, cloths, scrapers and other grooming aids to suit the needs of all horse owners.
Choose your washing and cleaning gear according to your personal preference, from cactus cloth to foam rubber and microfibre.

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  • Lincoln

    Cactus Cloth

  • Shires

    Cactus Cloth Mitts - One Size

  • Lincoln

    Dog Bone Sponges

  • Easidri

    Easi dri Towels

    £13.10 - £30.00
  • Haas Brushes

    HAAS Stable Rubber

  • Lincoln

    Lincoln Microfibre Tentacle Grooming Sponges

    £5.00 - £5.61
  • Lincoln

    Lincoln Shedding Blade