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Nowadays a bridle is more than just a standard piece of tack - bridles, including English bridles, leather bridles and morescome with diamante bling, fancy stitching, flashy browbands and nosebands, and all sorts of other fashionable foibles to catch the eye and highlight a handsome head.
There's so much to choose from that it's hard to know where to start, but the first and foremost consideration should be to ensure a good fit, with no points, buckles or ornamentation that will rub, chafe or otherwise cause discomfort for the horse.
For competition you have to comply with the rules when it comes to bridles - for example grackle nosebands are a no-no in pure dressage, but you can trot them out proudly in eventing dressage. If you're buying a bridle for competition, check the rules first.

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