# Horse, Sheepskin, and Dressage Numnah | Saddle Numnah #


Whether you're riding to hounds or performing intricate dressage manoeuvres comfort for yourself and your horse are key to enjoying the experience. A good-fitting, quality saddle is the first priority for a comfortable ride, but a close second is what goes under it.
Numnahs are thick, usually multi-layered, saddle-shaped pads that have become extremely popular in all equestrian disciplines to protect the horse's back, wick away sweat, regulate temperature and act as a shock-absorber.
Numnahs come in a variety of materials, lined with either synthetic fleece, sheepskin or merino wool. Natural wool is preferred because it is less likely to irritate the horse's skin, is breathable, can absorb nearly a third of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp, and it's very durable.

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    Hy High Wither Dressage Numnahs

    £20.26 - £22.51
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