Get Ready for Horse Show Time

Get Ready for Horse Show Time

Show season is upon us, and hopefully - if you've kept your horse well rugged, exercised, fed, shod and groomed through the winter months - you should not be faced with too daunting a prospect in respect of getting him show grooming ready.

Show preparation needs to start a couple of months before your first event, when you need to assess what needs to be done to optimise his condition, fitness and appearance, then prepare and work to a plan to achieve your goal.

If you've done everything right, then with just a week or two before launching into the arena, all you will need is some good products and the time to pay attention to cosmetic details, to have a winner walking out.

Choosing products should be done carefully and economically. The idea is to enhance and assist, making your horse look attractive and tidy in the eyes of the judges, and not to overwhelm the animal, leaving him dripping with every product you can find on the market.

Just like a woman wearing too much make-up, a horse or pony can be turned into a parody of beauty instead of presenting as a natural lithe, sleek and healthy creature.

Show Grooming Products

If one continues the analogy of human cosmetics with horse show products, it is also wise to invest in the best you can afford. Good quality products will work better, and last longer because you won't have to use as much at a time. "Less is more" is a good maxim to follow with show grooming products.

Something important to consider when selecting show products is to ensure that oils, highlighters and gels contain UV filters to prevent sunburn, which could result in trauma for your horse. Never use baby oil, which can burn the skin.

If you're planning on using make up to cover blemishes, marks or scars make sure you have checked the rules for its use in the show ring. You can apply make up the night before the show to allow it to sink in, reducing the risk of it rubbing off on clothes; the next day just use a highlighter of the top.

Supreme Products are a leading British brand which is built solely on the formulation of quality show products and garments, which they've developed working with the likes of HOYS winners Robert and Sarah Walker and many other top champions.

As one of the flagship UK stockists of Supreme Products, Totally Tack has gleaned some "how to" advice and tips from the company for some of the trickier aspects of show readiness:


Tools: Supreme Products Easy Plait; Supreme Products Sparkle; a mane comb; needles and thread.

How to:

- Section the mane into an odd number of evenly separated plaits (the forelock makes it an even number).
- Spray Supreme Products Easy Plait on to each section. Plait the mane evenly. - Once you have a complete plait, wrap the thread around a few times, then push the needle through the end to hold it. Do not cut the thread.
- Take the needle up and through the middle of the plait from underneath, halving the plait as you pull the needle through
- Fold the plait in half again into a little ball. Hold the ball and sew up and down through the plait, then wrap the thread a couple of times around the plait to hold it in place. At the bottom of the plait make a knot in the thread and cut.
- Spray Easy Plait onto the completed plaits to hold them firmly in place. Once dry spray Supreme Products Sparkle on top of the plaits.


Tools: Water; Hoof Oil brush (or paint brush); Sealable jar; Supreme Products Leg & Body Whitener and Supreme Products Cover Magic White; bandages.

How to:
- Mix Supreme Products Leg & Body Whitener in the jar with water to the consistency of yoghurt.
- Brush the socks to remove excess mud or dust.
- Paint the Leg & Body Whitener mixture straight onto the socks.
- Bandage the socks with bandages or gamgee while the socks are still wet.
- Leave the bandages on overnight and whilst travelling - remove them just before you enter the ring, and brush off any excess powder.
- Keep a can of Supreme Products Cover Magic White to hand to treat any last minute marks, stains or stray coloured hairs.

(upside down V Checkerboard pattern)

Tools: Bucket of water; Body brush; Quarter Marking comb; Supreme Products de luxe Coat Gloss; Supreme Products Quarter Marking Spray; Supreme Products Sparkle.

How to:

- Spray quarters liberally with Supreme Products de luxe Coat Gloss, then brush the coat following the direction of the hair to lay it flat

- Start on the left hand side at the top of your horse's quarters and gently comb down with the quarter marking comb to create an even small square of about an inch. Leave a gap of an inch and comb down again. Repeat until you have completed a row of even-sized squares along the top of the
- Create more rows, reducing the number of squares on each row, until you have completed the upside down V.
- Set the markings in place using Supreme Products Quarter Marking Spray.
- Just before entering the ring, spray the quarters lightly with Supreme Products Sparkle to produce a shiny finish.

May all our customers have a great show season!