Global Herbs Restore Liquid and Powder Feed Supplement

Global Herbs Restore Liquid and Powder Feed Supplement

1. Make your horse look and FEEL phenomenal

2. Use food more efficiently Global Herbs Restore is a traditional detoxifying liver tonic which revives, helps with movement, and supports general condition and brightness, making it the backbone to many herbal regimes.

Results can be seen in a few days. Horse’s coats often change colour with this formula as their digestion improves and food is better utilised.

Feed Global Herbs Restore to horses that are in poor condition or are listless despite good feeding and worming. We also recommend a regular course every 3-4 months for competing horses and the elderly. For horses that need constant help it can be used continuously.

Global Herbs Restore can help with changes of feed, and is an excellent aid to convalescence, the work of your vet and for generally assisting energy and performance. Restore is often essential in support of the other Global Herbs products as it aids the digestion and absorption. For quick action and palatability use the liquid form. Some customers prefer our powdered form but it is less palatable.

Ingredients: Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Hurricane weed, Pigweed, Chebulic myrobalam

Global Herbs Restore