High Visibility Clothing That Doesn't Look Like An Orange Safety Vest!

High Visibility Clothing That Doesn't Look Like An Orange Safety Vest!

There is nothing worse than encountering a horse rider or other equestrian who is dressed in dark clothing and no hi vis, so you want to make sure that other road users can see you when you're out on your horse.

If you are riding a horse or pony on the roads, it is important to wear high visibility clothing and reflective gear. High visibility clothing is also important if you are out at dusk, dawn or during night time hours. There are many different types of high visibility clothing, jackets, tabards, waistcoats and hat covers, that you can buy to make you more visible when you are out in the dark or low light conditions. 

You should always wear high visibility clothing when riding a horse and be sure to check your local laws regarding the use of such items if you plan to ride your horse on public roads. The rules are likely to vary depending on where you live.

Size is important ! High visibility gear is designed so that it fits tightly around your body so that it does not blow in the wind and will remain highly visible at all times. If there is too much material flopping about, it will not make as much of an impact as smaller pieces would.

Material - The reflective material that is used in these garments reflects light from both headlights and light sources such as street lights. We all know that the eyes are drawn to movement and colour which is what makes this clothing so visible.

Colour - While orange and yellow are the most popular safety colors, it does not mean that these are always the best choices for everyone. You can also choose red, orange or the Equisafety Mercury or Hy Silva Flash materials.

...and most importantly do NOT forget your horse's high visibility clothing!

Choose from:

  1. Neck bands
  2. Tail guards - flashing or just plain shiny
  3. Exercise sheets that can be waterproof or mesh
  4. Fly Hoods
  5. Noseband and rein covers
  6. Leg Wraps and Boots

All of these are available in pink, orange or yellow so that you can 'matchy match' if you want, or create a combination of colours to create the ultimate picture of visibility.