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Red Horse Products

From horse hoof care to rider hand creams, Red Horse Products has a natural solution for every horse lover's need. For over 20 years, the innovative products have been designed with the most effective ingredients to promote health and safety of your horse, inside and out. We make it easy to find the right products for your horse care needs by detailing the best selling products below:

Artimud - Red Horse Artimud is a clay based antimicrobial hoof putty. Trials showed that although Hoof-Stuff was brilliant in deeper cracks and crevices in the hoof it was unable to stay in shallower cracks and on the surface of the hoof .

Red Horse came upon the idea that since the only thing that consistently stuck to the areas of the foot we are usually trying to treat was in fact mud, so they tried to create something similar that had a beneficial rather than detrimental effect. Thus, Artimud was born.

Artimud can be smoothed, rolled, squashed, spread and moulded to stay in the area in which it is put so its active antimicrobial and healing agents can help to sort out the problem.

We have found it useful in the treatment of shallow white line separations, frog clefts, external cracks, thrush, white line disease etc. Use Artimud in shallower, more open holes/ cracks and Hoof-Stuff in deeper, tighter ones.

Field Paste - Red Horse Field Paste is an antimicrobial sole and frog dressing

Field Paste is Red Horse Products’ anti-thrush paste for horses which are mainly field kept. It has a thick paste-like consistency that offers greater 'staying power' as it remains in contact with the affected areas longer than other thrush treatments.

Field Paste has been designed to remain in the collateral grooves, central sulcus and on the sole for longer periods of time to give increased protection against microbes. At the same time, Field Paste helps prevent mud, faeces and other contaminants coming in to contact with the hoof.

Field Paste has a slightly lower concentration of antimicrobial substances in it than Sole Paint but it has a longer residual effect.

Too thick to be painted on, Field Paste should be applied with a gloved hand. For stabled horses it is often better to use Sole Paint otherwise bedding gets stuck to the hoof and it is easier to apply.

Hoof Stuff -  Red Horse Hoof Stuff is an antimicrobial hoof pack for plugging holes and cracks in equine hooves.

Containing only naturally occurring ingredients Hoof-Stuff is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. Its ability to stay in crevices due to its fibrous content allows it to act for longer than other treatments.

Red Horse Hoof Stuff has been found useful for seedy toe, white line disease, deep central sulcus separation, abscess cavities, grass cracks among other issues. Its active ingredients act not only to eliminate bacteria and fungus but also promote healing and restoration of healthy tissue.

Honey makes a fantastic base for Hoof Stuff increasing its healing and antimicrobial powers and aiding adhesion into the hole!

Stronghorn - Stronghorn, by Red Horse Products is a spray-on hoof hardener that has been made using only safe ingredients (MSM, zinc sulphate essential oils and weak citric acid).

Stronghorn also doubles as a very effective antimicrobial

Stronghorn has been designed to nourish and improve the quality of the horn as well as making it harder. Stronghorn is far better for the feet in the long term than some of the other commercially available products.

Sole Cleanse - Red Horse Sole Cleanse is a Zinc Sulphate and Eucalyptus based thrush buster spray. Sole Cleanse has remarkable effectiveness, without any of the necrotising effects of traditional treatments such as Borax, Bleaches, Peroxide and Stockholm Tar.

Sole Cleanse not only helps to destroy the microbes producing the thrush but also helps promote the re-growth of healthy tissue, rather than producing more dead tissue for the thrush to re-grow on.

Sole Cleanse Spray is for regular treatment of the foot. Once weekly for thrush prone horses or daily until symptoms abate for established thrush is often sufficient although it is so gentle and economical that many customers use it daily "Just in case!".

It is provided in a convenient 500 ml spray and will often stop thrush in just a few treatments. It has also been found useful in the treatments of white line disease and other crevices in the horse's foot.

Winter Care Kit -  The Red Horse Winter Care Kit is the perfect gift for any horse owner.

This care kit contains:

  • Field Paste 500ml, to help your horses soles and frogs stay conditioned in the wetter months
  • Sole Cleanse 500ml, hoof disinfectant spray for when you only have time for a quick spray
  • HoneyHeel 190ml, barrier cream for those field scrapes and winter scabs
  • Hoof pick with a handy brush attachment

All in a handy little Red Horse branded jute bag so you can keep all your bits together or make a gift of it!