# Best Rubber and Plastic Curry Combs For Horses| Horse Curry Brush #

Curry Combs

The primary tool in the horse grooming process, curry combs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, made of rubber or plastic, some hard and some soft.
Curry combs have an important function, as they are rubbed across the flanks of the horse in a circular motion to remove embedded debris and casting hair from the coat.
Metal curry combs are not for use on horses themselves, but utilised to clean grooming brushes. We have a complete collection of plastic, rubber and metal curry comb. Choose the best brush and give your horse a handsome look.

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  • Smart Grooming Forelock Plaiting Grippers

    Frome Saddlery

    Forelock Plaiting Grippers

  • Wahl Rubber Curry Comb


    Wahl Rubber Curry Comb

  • Borstiq Metal Curry Comb


    Borstiq Metal Curry Comb

  • Oster Coarse Curry Combs - Blue & Pink
  • Grooming Blocks


    Grooming Blocks

  • Reversible Curry Combs - One Size
  • Rubber Curry Combs


    Rubber Curry Combs

    £1.85 - £1.99
  • Plastic Curry Combs - Small or Large


    Plastic Curry Combs - Small or Large

    £1.50 - £1.62
  • Oster Fine Curry Combs - Pink and Blue
  • Lincoln Shedding Blade


    Lincoln Shedding Blade

  • Shires Jockey Curry Comb
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  • Sponge Groomers


    Sponge Groomers