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Saddle Accessories

Having saddle accessories - such as seat savers, saddle covers, saddle panniers, equestrian bags, balancing straps and girth covers - that fit well can enhance the riding experience for both horse and rider.
We've chosen a selection of generic accessories from leading manufacturers to combine comfortably with your saddlery to ensure easy riding.

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  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Gel Out Jump Seat Saver
  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Gel Out Dressage Seat Saver
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  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Dressage Gel In Seat Savers black
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  •  Acavallo Gel Out Cusion Ride Seat Savers
  • Shires Aubrion Team Saddle Carry Bags - Navy
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  • Le Mieux ProKit Saddle Covers - Dressage
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  • Shires Aubrion Saddle Carry Bags - Black
  • KM Elite Lambswool Seat Saver

    KM Elite

    KM Elite Lambswool Seat Saver

    £41.72 - £45.43
  • Acavallo Gel In Seat Savers - Brown or Black
  • Acavallo Gel Out Seat Savers - Black or Brown
  • Shires Balancing Straps
  • Leather Crupper Attachment

    Frome Saddlery

    Leather Crupper Attachments