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Stocks, Ties and Pins

Stocks, ties and pins are an important part of your equestrian attire. You can browse through our wide collection of horse riding stocks, pins and ties to complete your look. If you're looking for horse riding stocks, neckties and pins, you can browse our complete collection of equestrian offerings. This will help you ensure that you get the best accessories.

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  • Equetech Pearl & Horseshoes Stock Pin - Silver
  • Equetech Pony Club Tie - Zipper
  • Caldene Show Tie - Small Spots
  • Equetech Zodiac Deluxe Ready-Tied Stock
  • Equetech Solitaire Deluxe Ready-Tied Stock
  • Equetech Kiev Deluxe Ready-Tied Stock
  • Equetech Fancy Brocade Riding Stock
  • Equetech Ameilia Deluxe Ready-Tied Stock
  • Equetech Floret Stock Pin


    Equetech Floret Stock Pin

  • Equetech Crystal Magnetic Stock Pin
  • Equetech Locket Stock Pin


    Equetech Locket Stock Pin

  • Equetech Celtic Stock Pin


    Equetech Celtic Stock Pin