What Should be in your Horse Grooming Kit

What Should be in your Horse Grooming Kit

Certain horse grooming tools are essential for keeping your horse or pony in tip-top condition. There are many products to choose from whether you are a beginner with a new horse, or you have been grooming for years.

A horse grooming kit is a must-have for any horse owner, including a dandy brush, body brush, hoof pick and curry combs to keep coat in top condition. Stable rubbers and mane and tail brushes and combs to help you groom your pony to perfection. And as horse owners love to spoil their horses let's not forget about the special treats that any horse will appreciate, whilst being groomed.

Horse grooming is an essential part of the horse care process. The process includes bathing and drying your horse, removing any debris from his coat, cleaning hooves, brushing the coat, and then finally, combing out the mane and tail.  Numerous horse grooming products are available to make your job easier. The following list contains our picks for the top must-have grooming products that every horse owner should have in their tack room.   

Dandy Brush - The dandy brush is used prior to the body brush to remove dirt and dust from the coat. You can use    this on both the horse's legs and body. After using a dandy brush, dirt and dust will be removed from the top layer of coat in preparation for cleaning with a body brush.

Body brush - Body brushes help remove loose hair from your horse's coat before it ends up in the mane or tail. It also stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells. You should use a body brush on your horse at least once a week.

Mane and tail brushes come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can choose one depending on how long your horses mane and tail are or how much time you want to spend brushing them out. These are excellent for distributing natural oils throughout their mane and tail as well as removing any excess dirt or dust that might have accumulated.

Curry Combs come in many different forms, the plastic curry comb and rubber curry combs both remove dirt from the coat, whilst some rubber curry combs also have a massage function. The jockey or metal curry comb is used to clean your body brush, whilst a reversible curry comb has different length teeth for removing mud or hair from the coat.

Hoof Pick - People often say that horses have feet like iron, but this isn't entirely true. Horses still require regular hoof care, and it's important to use a proper hoof pick to remove any stones or mud that may have got stuck under the hoof.

Horse coats also require special care to keep them healthy, shiny and soft. A good coat spray should protect the hair against the effects of rain, wind and sunlight while conditioning the skin beneath it. A pre-wax conditioner can help prevent tangling in the mane and tail during brushing, while detanglers will help remove knots without damaging the hair shafts.

It will take time for you to get to know your horse or pony's individual needs when it comes to grooming. While there are a few basic brushes and grooming products that are necessary for all horses, your horse will likely have his own unique needs and requirements. Making sure you're as well informed as possible about the best way to take care of your horse is the first step towards ensuring that you can offer him the most thorough, top-notch grooming experience possible.