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Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold liquid formula has been formulated to help maintain healthy and efficient airways and resistance to irritants and infections all year round Hilton Herbs especially recommended freeway gold for horses that are stabled or have restricted turnout.

Please note that it is not unusual for your horse or pony to have a 'snotty nose' after a week or so being on Hilton Herbs Freeway, this is just an indication that the herbs are doing their job. The main active constituent of liquorice is glycyrrhizin, this is responsible for the sweet taste and is over fifty times sweeter than sugar.

If the horse is coughing, or COPD is suspected then immediate equine veterinary attention should be sought

At 30mls per day, a litre of Freeway Gold should last approx 33 days

Dosage: Up to 12.2hh : 5mls twice daily (10mls)

12.2hh to 14.2hh: 10mls twice daily (20mls)

14.2hh to 15.2hh : 12.5mls twice daily (25mls)

15.2hh to 16.2hh : 15mls twice daily (30mls)

16.2hh+ : 15mls to 20mls twice daily (30 to 40mls)

Contains 1:3 tinctures of: Elecampane root Liquorice root Eyebright herb Cleaver herb Marshmallow root Plantain leaf Thyme herb

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