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The Neue Schule Slimma Weymouth gives a good lifting action without upper palate interference. The Slimma Weymouth features a very unobtrusive design that sits well back in the mouth over the thicker, less sensitive part of the tongue. 

The Slimma Weymouths are anatomically designed to take up very little room in the mouth bridging the tongue (giving tongue relief) and contouring snugly under the upper palate leaving much more space for the bridoon - hence a fatter bridoon is an option that may benefit a horse that is tentative into the contact.

The 14mm mouthpiece normally offers extra lift from the shoulder and takes up less room in the mouth than thicker mouthpieces.

The Secret of the Salox? is the high thermal conductivity. This basically means that the mouthpiece of the bit warms up to about 30oC within the first few fractions of a second, whilst a stainless steel bit takes over 7 seconds. Again, when the bit moves in the mouth as the rein aids are applied the mouthpiece quickly adjusts to the new temperature. In essence, therefore the rein aids are more definitive because the bit no longer feels like a foreign body in the mouth. This equals a more relaxed acceptance of the bit. Horses that have previously been inwardly fixated on the bit and/or overactive have proven to be attentive and responsive to the aids provided by the Salox bits.

Dressage Legal

Supplied with a stainless steel curb chain

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